Fender Bassman TV Duo Ten SOLD

The Bassman TV Duo Ten offers gain, bass, mid and treble knobs, "deep" and "bright" switches and a Master Volume”and ups the ante with 350W of power and removable casters to make transportation easy. The Duo Ten has two punchy 10" speakers that give it to you in your very soul”you're moving major air.

Price: $649.00

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VOX AC30 TB – Made in England!!!

Control PaneLThe AC30/6 TB control panel layout is the same as the original, even to the point of being back to front! You will notice that we have added a standby switch; this is intended to prolong the life of the valves, by stopping the surge of electricity when the unit is switched onThe valve line-up of the AC30/6 TB is as follows: Five ECC83s and one ECC82 in the preamp stage, with four EL84s in the power stage operating in Class A, plus a GZ34 rectifier valve in the power supply, for that unique Vox tone and feel 

The AC30 comes with original diamond fret cloth reproduction and Vox’s famous basketweave vinyl covering, and the cabinet is made of birch ply throughout, to original specifications. Other Vox cosmetic features, such as the authentic Vox handles, are also true to the original. The vent grilles have been enlarged to allow for improved ventilation. This provides longer valve life and improves amplifier performanceThe AC30/6 TB circuit is a faithful copy of the circuit designed by Dick Denney, Vox design engineer from 1957 to 1965. 33 Watts RMS


Price: $2,199.00

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Kustom KG110

This combo amp has a 1x10 Kustom speaker and features a Lead and Rhythm channel. This 10 watt combo is perfect for your bedroom jamming!


Price: $99.00

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Marshall Power Brake

As far as your amp is concerned, the Power Brake is the same as speakers—an active load changing constantly with output level. Hooked up to this, you can pump authentic cranked stack sound through a single small cab at modest levels. The Marshall Power Brake Attenuator is essential for getting an overdriven tone at reasonable volume on vintage amps without a gain knob, for hard-rock studio work, and great for controlling onstage sound in clubs. Fan cooled, 100W power handling, eleven-step attenuator. 13 lbs.

  • Get a cranked stack sound at any volume with any size amp
  • 100W power handling
  • Fan cooled
  • Eleven-step attenuator

Old Price: $325.00

Price: $279.99

You save: $45.01

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Marshall JTM45 – 1962 Bluesbreaker Amp

Made in the 90's.

Wonderful Shape.

Includes Cover

Price: $2,199.00

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Fender Vibro King

This amp was a part of the first run of Vibro Kings from 1993.

Nice condition!


Price: $2,499.00

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Fender Tone Master – Fender Custom Shop

This 100 2-12 rig is very sexy. 

It also has the tone to back up it's great looks.

Perfection condition!!! 

Price: $2,399.00

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Fender Pro Junior

  • The Fender Pro Junior Combo Amp is a small all-tube amp in the classic tradition of the model "600" and Champ—simple and very effective. Delivers 15W through a 10" speaker. Features all-tube circuitry, unique clean-to-drive volume control, blonde covering, and chicken head knobs


  • 15W of power
  • 10" speaker
  • All-tube circuitry
  • Unique Clean-to-Drive volume control
  • Blonde covering
  • Chicken head knobs

Price: $299.00

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