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Thanks, Jeff


  1. jeffs guitar clinic is a guitar heaven!!!!
    (originally posted on MerchantCircle.com – November 29, 2009)

  2. if i had the time… i would just sit on here all day and talk about how amazing this place is….
    (originally posted on MerchantCircle.com – November 29, 2009)

  3. Based on my experience and from what i’ve heard from other people, Jeff’s Guitar Clinic will provide outstanding customer service, as well as provide quality products and service; a trustworthy place.
    (originally posted on MerchantCircle.com – December 13, 2009)

  4. Jeff was very pleasant to deal with and has a nice shop!! He fixed up my old 80s Kramer and got it sounding perfect!! You gotta go see jeff for all your guitar needs… oh and very resonable prices and a quick turn around. Thanks a million!!

  5. Bryan Spiff Grefsheim
    Anyone can toss a tab book in front of someone and say- “do this.” At JGC you will sit down with a teacher who is patient and attentive but also a lifelong student of music and guitar

  6. Ryan Krueger
    This guy is the most honest up front guitar doctor in the universe. He’s treating my 300 dollar Alvarez as if she were a pre-war D-28. Outstanding,
    and the guitar plays like a dream two months later

  7. Mason T. Becker

    Jeff did a great job setting up my MusicMan bass. If you haven’t stopped in, you really should!

  8. Bryan Spiff Grefsheim
    That Tone Pig was a quality, affordable guitar from the start. When I decided it was time for upgrades I consulted with you and am I ever glad that I followed your recommendations. I now have an instrument that sounds and plays as good as any other guitar and I can’t put it down. Thank you JGC for your expertise and craftsmanship!!

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