Acoustic Guitars

At Jeff’s Guitar Clinic we carry a line of acoustic guitars to fit any level of player, from beginner to expert.

Seagull Entourage Rustic CW QIT

Once again the Entourage Rustic series brings incredible value to players looking for undeniable sound and craftsmanship in an acoustic guitar. The Entourage CW QIT includes onboard Quantum IT electronics with a built-in tuner and the added feature of a Cutaway in the body for easy access to the upper frets on the neck. Also includes the beautiful Rustic Burst Custom Polished finish, Seagull Slim neck with slimmer nut width, cream double binding and select pressure tested solid cedar top.

Price: $379.00

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Yamaha FD01S

This acoustic features a solid spruce top, a nato body, and a nato neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

Price: $0.00

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Washburn F32SCE

This acoustic electric guitar has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. With B-Band electronics, you're ready to play on stage!

Price: $0.00

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Washburn WD20S

This dreadnought features a solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce top and rosewood back and sides. A satin finish on the neck makes smooth playing with this guitar.

Price: $0.00

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Takamine G Series 12 String Acoustic

This jumbo features a mahogany back and sides with a spruce top. Equipped with a  TP4T preamp with three band EQ and built in tuner.

Price: $450.00

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Jay Turser JTA-555-N

This dreadnought features a mahogany top, back, and sides and also has die cast machines.

Price: $0.00

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Guild GAD JF-30 Jumbo Acoustic

A loud guitar with a lot of bottom end.

It has a top crack that has bee repaired in our shop.

Comes with a Guild case.

It will be setup to your specs.

Price: $399.00

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Gibson J200

The King of the Flat Tops!!!!

From its inaugural appearance in 1937, Gibson’s J-200 set a standard others have been trying to match ever since. Today—nearly 71 years later—the legacy of Gibson’s “King of the Flat-tops” lives on in the new J-200 Standard. Upon its introduction in the late 1930s, the J-200 immediately filled a need for a deeper, more balanced and powerful sound. It gave purveyors of the new American music scene of the 1930s a reliable, well-built instrument, capable of projecting the sound of the guitar well beyond that of any other acoustic on the market—a fact that still holds true today. It is simply the world’s most famous acoustic guitar, and certainly one of most popular, as evidenced by the list of players that have made it their primary acoustic instrument, among them Ray Whitley, Emmylou Harris, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Gram Parsons, and Pete Townshend.


Price: $2,799.00

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